Basic elements in the law of TortsBasic elements in the law of TortsNULL

Basic elements in the law of Torts
I have discussed regarding the law of torts, it’s definitional aspects and the essential elements which are required to constitute a tort, what is a civil wrong, essential Latin maxim which governs the basic sphere of the torts viz. injuries sine damnum
Damnum sine Injuria
Ubi jus ibi remedium.
At 0:47 I have given an elaborate definition of the tort and explained it
At 1:44 I have dealt with the concept of civil wrong with the examples
At 2:10 I have defined unliquidated damages and I have distinguished it with liquidated damages
At 4:40 I have introduced the three important Latin maxim governing the domain of law of torts i.e the injuries sine damnum, damnum sine injuria, ubi jus ibi remedium from thereon I have continued with the first maxim with cases.
At 7:50 the maxim injuria sine damnum is explained which says injury without damage which means even though there is no resultant damage but if there is a violation of a civil legal right then the defendant will be liable.
At 11:28 the last doctrine of ubi jus ibi remedium is explained which says where there is a right there is a remedy. Or in other words a right without remedy is of no use.
At 12:28 the various remedies available in the law of tort is enlisted
At 12:46 a concluding remarks is given of the introduction to the law of tort is given.

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