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Introduction to Java


Preeti Garg Assistant Professor, CSE Department, FET SGT University.

Outline of the lecture: Introduction to Java and its various features.

JAVA was developed by Sun Microsystems Inc in 1991, later acquired by Oracle Corporation. It was Java is an Object Oriented language, which is developed by James Gosling. The first name of Java was Oak, which is also a name of a tree. Java is known as platform independent and secure language. Writing, compiling and debugging a program is easy in Java.  It helps to create modular programs and reusable code. There are various features of Java which makes it different from other languages.

  • Object-oriented: Object Oriented Programming is a method of implementation in which programs are organized as a cooperative collection of objects, each of which represents an instance of a class, and whose classes are all members of a hierarchy of classes united via inheritance relationships.
  • Platform Independent: Java is known as platform independent language which makes it different from other languages like C and C++ because when Java is compiled, it is not compiled into platform specific machine, rather into platform-independent bytecode. This bytecode is distributed over the web and interpreted by Virtual Machine (JVM) on whichever platform it is being run.
  • Easier to learn: Java automatically takes care of memory allocation and deallocation as well as there is no concept of pointer here which makes it easy to learn and understand.
  • Secure: Java was designed to allow secure execution of code across the network. The lack of pointers and presence of automatic memory management are key elements to the security of Java.
  • Compiled and interpreted: Java is both compiled and interpreted language. First Java compiler translates source code into bytecode and in the second stage, Java interpreter generates machine code, Unlike HTML.
  • Robust: Java is graceful in the presence of software and hardware errors as well as it has very good exception handlers, which makes it robust.
  • Automatic garbage collection: Automatic garbage collection is another great feature of Java. Java has a new keyword like C++ to allocate memory but it does not have delete operator to free the memory space as it is done automatically.
  • Multithreaded: it allows multiple threads of execution to run concurrently within the same program. Java programs are capable of easy to set up multiple threads of execution and coordinate parallel processes.

There are various applications of Java in the real-world Today like it can be used in web-based applications, Gaming applications, Image Processing, Desktop applications and many more.


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